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The gorgeous and wonderful reality of Venice is beyond the fancy of the wildest dreamers’.
                                                               Charles Dickens

Location… Location… Location has always been one of the determining factors for a successful Event, be it a meeting, an incentive, a Convention, a product launch …

However, a successful event held in Venice goes that one step further and ….. is truly beyond the fancy of the wildest dreamers as Dickens so aptly described it over one hundred years ago!

Moreover, Venice has the advantage of being even more beautiful in the off-season months (and cost-effective!) when the throngs of tourists have ebbed.

Venice is a fabulous open-air museum, a truly spellbinding destination.  An entirely pedestrian city in which every centimetre is steeped in history, it allows visitors to really savour it to the fullest and feel ‘away from it all’, swept away to a magical dimension.

In addition to the city’s naturally  built-in wow factor, Venice delights you with:

  • A panoply of fabulous, characteristic hotels to choose from, many with sweeping views of Venice – its  many waterways and roof tops
  • Sumptuous, evocative Palazzi on the Grand Canal in which to hold prestigious Events (balls, dinners, parties, weddings, etc.)
  • Superlative art  in museums and churches …. One is liable to walk into a simple church and come face to face with a masterpiece by none other than Titian, Tintoretto, Bellini!
  • The possibility of organizing cocktails/dinners/meetings/launches, etc.  in the city’s most incredible venues: notably museums – of which Venice abounds – in addition to  other Palaces,  intimate old cloisters,  and even in the imposing Doge’s Palace itself to name but a few. 

The mood is set… let the show begin!  


The wow factor here is hard to beat anywhere else in the world!


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