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2019 was definitely a record year for acqua alta  ( high tides).

There were 18 high tides in 2019 of which

  • 18 tides greater than or equal to 1mt10, 12 of which happened during the month of November, with the highest tide reaching 1mt86 on November 12th, thus becoming the second-highest after the one in 1966.
  • 6 tides greater than or equal to  1mt30 ;
  • 4 tides greater than or equal to 1mt40 during the week of November 11th ;
  • 3 tides greater than or equal to 1mt50 – something that hasn’t happened in 150 years!

Source data and photo:  RAI News

The tide of 1mt86 caused damages to boutiques, restaurants, ground-floor homes, libraries, museums, newspapers stands, to mention but a few.

News of these tides made headlines around the world, and readers’ imaginations went wild.  As a result, in December, many hotel reservations were canceled.   We’re talking about 18 days out of 365 – no need to panic!

Mistaken myths :

  • When it is stated that the tide reached 1mt86, it means it was 1mt86 above sea level and does NOT mean that there was 1mt86 of water in the streets!
  • The city is not « flooded » for days at a time!    When the tide reaches its peak, the water starts to recede and it takes about 2-3 hours for the streets to be clear of water.
  • Hotels are closed when there are exceptionally high tides – not true at all!    The pumps and steel waterproof panels placed in doorways to prevent the water from penetrating inside allow the hotels to remain totally functional at all times.

So, except for the « great » tide of 1mt86 on November 12th– one which, according to the City’s statistics,  can happen only once every 38 years,  life goes on as usual in Venice.

So don’t miss the opportunity to visit this incredible city –  Venice needs you!


The unique city of Venice is the capital of the beautiful  Veneto Region (Regione Veneto)  which boasts lakes, mountains, beaches and of course, cities of art such as Treviso, Padua, Bassano del Grappa, Asolo, Vicenza, Verona to name but a few.

Hotels rates in Venice are at their highest level in May-June and September-October.  If you need to organize a meeting during these four months but don’t have a high enough budget to cover the cost of hotels in Venice, contact us and we will be delighted to recommend a destination in the Veneto region less than an hour away from Venice’s Marco Polo Airport that meets your needs.    During a three-day stay, we can also include a visit to Venice, as the “highlight” of your event.

Contact us for your next meeting:  we have projects for every budget!


Venice’s new entry tax in for tourists, proposed by the City Council and recently approved by the Italian government, has made headlines around the world.

What most people do not realize is that tourists staying in hotels in Venice itself or on the mainland ( but within the boundaries of the Municipality of Venice), will not be affected by this tax as they already pay a city tax to the hotel.

The tax, therefore, will be applied to so-called “day-trippers” and to those on cruise ships.   Venise is a tiny city with a dwindling population of approximately 53,000.  During the tourist season between April and October, the city fills with tourists clogging the narrow alleys.  In fact, residents often have to push their way to get from point A to point B.  Giving Venetian residents a better quality of life is a priority for the City Council.

The tax is being launched this year, and for the duration of 2019 will be limited to €3,00 per person.   The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, has reiterated that the goal is to manage tourist flows by 2022 enabling the forecast and the reservation of arrivals. He stated that access to Venice will not be refused to anyone,  but it will be more complicated for those who do not reserve. He added it is the only way to quantify the number of visitors.  2019 will be a trial year meant to provide the necessary data in order to perfect the new system. Mr. Brugnaro further stated that a computerized reservations system will be in place in the next few years, along with a new multi-purpose service card for tourists.

Venice is one huge open-air museum.  According to the Mayor, it is important for the whole world to understand that the payment of an entry fee will contribute to protect Venice.  “The proceeds will be used to offset costs presently borne by companies and citizens, to carry out maintenance works to canals and canal banks, and to guarantee security and surveillance by increasing the local police force.”


The 2019 edition of Venice’s Biennale d’Arte is being held this year from May 11th to November 24, 2019.  For those who are unfamiliar with the Biennale, this event is held every two years in Venice (it alternates with the Biennale of Architecture) and the 2019 edition is the 58th of its kind. The curator of the exhibition, Ralph Rugoff , has chosen as theme “May You Live in Interesting Times”.

The 2017 edition of the Biennale Arte attracted 615,000 visitors, making it the most visited exhibition in Italy, and the 2019 edition is poised to exceed this number.

Even if you are not a great art lover, attending this international exhibition is like traveling the world of art, as over  86 countries take part in this event.  There are two main exhibition locations, one at the Giardini with approximately 30 pavilions and the other,  in the Arsenale area, with about 23 pavilions.   All other national participations in excess of these numbers are organized in the historical center in stunning Venetian palazzi, ex-churches, and convents, which are rented for the duration of the exhibition.   This enables visitors to step inside private, historical venues that would otherwise be closed to the public.

The same goes for the Arsenale, the Serenissima’s shipbuilding yard as of the 12th century, considered to be the world’s first “modern” assembly line.   Exhibitions are held in some of its restored pavilions where centuries ago ropes, sails, cannon, and other materials were made and stored before being fitted onto the galleons.   The Arsenale opens to the public only during the Biennale d’Arte or Architettura, and so, it’s a “historical” happening not to be missed!

If you’re an art association or just a group of friends wishing to visit the Biennale, contact us for all your land arrangements in Venice.


Why not plan to organize a meeting this winter outside of your country? It’s easier than you think!

Strategically located at less than two hours by plane from the major European capitals, Venice provides a unique scenario for your meeting against a spectacular backdrop unmatched in all the world!  So close, it nonetheless has the power to sweep you back in time to its exciting past, all the while making you feel “away from it all”.

Peace and quiet – winter is the loveliest season to enjoy Venice, as the crowds of tourists have finally ebbed (except for the Carnival period) . One can walk down its narrow alleys, cross small, quaint  bridges, visit extraordinary museums and make one’s way around without encountering those annoying “people traffic jams” and queues, so common in high season.  The city stands still and once again belongs to its locals – making this a privileged period for visitors who wish to discover its fascinating secrets.

And as if all of this weren’t enough, here is the fabulous plus:  winter is that period of the year when hotel rates are at their lowest and therefore the quality/price ratio is at its highest. 

Venice à la Carte will rely on its vast experience and insider’s knowledge to come up with a venue perfectly matched to your meeting’s needs and to create alongside it a seamless, elegant program that will totally enhance your stay. 

foto Laure Jacquemin sotto il ponte   


    Allow us, as local experts, to deliver a quality event of resounding success!

    Why wait? Contact us today!




Photo – courtesy of Laure Jacquemin, a photographer based in Venice


The gorgeous and wonderful reality of Venice is beyond the fantasy of the wildest dreamers
Charles Dickens


A Man only reveals himself when wearing a mask! Let the show begin!
Oscar Wilde

Tuesday 04 March 2014

Shimmering, sensuous Venice is truly a spellbinding, unique destination 365 days a year, and the wow factor here is hard to beat anywhere else in the world!

However, during Carnival, Venice goes even beyond the fancy of the wildest dreamers!

Come abandon yourself to the Magic of an unsurpassable experience…

We are proposing a memorable 24-hour package for 25 couples to attend one of the city’s most elite Carnival.

Masked Balls in celebration of Mardi Gras, the final evening – and palpitating climax – of Carnival!

24 hours of pure magic with a top-quality program that is absolutely stunning!
Contact your friends and create a group of 50 persons to take advantage of this very special offer.


Palazzo Pisani Moretta on Grand Canal






Day 1 (arrival)

  • Transportation from Venice airport by private water taxis with hostess assistance
  • Separate Baggage handling to Hotel
  • One-night accommodation at a beautiful luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Venice, Ca’ Sagredo Hotel




  • Lunch on arrival day in a well-known trattoria
  • Elegant carnival costumes  – complete with masks –  from  one of the city’s  top Atelier
  • Expert habilleuses to help dress the guests for the Ball
  • Tickets to one of the city’s most exclusive balls called:  INTERNATIONAL GRAND GALA CELEBRATING THE END OF THE 2014 EDITION OF THE VENICE CARNIVAL  
  • Held at the prestigious Palazzo Pisani Moretta Palace on the Grand Canal
  • Welcome cocktail at Hotel before departure for the Ball
  • Private water taxis from Hotel to Palace 
  • Hostess assistance throughout
  • Shuttle transportation by private taxis back to the hotel (Midnight to 03.00)


DAY 2 (departure)

  • Refined American Buffet breakfast in Hotel the next morning
  • 2-hour morning Tour “The Treasures of Saint Mark’s Square” in the company of our charismatic fully-certified guides
  • Lunch in a very “trendy” trattoria with gourmet pizza/pasta tasting!
  • Free time (depending on flight times)
  • Transfer to Venice Airport by private water taxis
  • Separate baggage handling to Marco Polo International Airport 
  • Hostess assistance


The Ball Features:

  • Welcome cocktails  and hot and cold canapés on arrival 
  • Full 4-course gourmet gala dinner with wines (excellent catering)
  • First-class entertainment throughout the evening
  • Disco-dancing after midnight in the Palace Portego on the ground floor


  • Prosecco sparkling wines throughout evening with delectable Carnival pastries and delicacies 
  • First-class entertainment and disco dancing!


The Carnival Ball costumes consist in:

For the Ladies:                            

  • Ball gown (18th century style)
  • Matching hat
  • Costume jewellery
  • Cloth evening purse
  • Cape
  • Glittery mask 

For the Gentlemen:

  • Full costume (jacket, trousers, waist-coat)
  • Hat
  • Cuffs & collar
  • Mask

natale2013-coccarda-rossaPhoto courtesy of Gianni Lapenna


Venise is less than two hours from the major European capitals and yet it feels like going to the moon, away from it all !   A few hours in Venice are all you need to obtain a huge “WOW” factor!   

Here is a 12-hour incentive program for the month of December — set against the glittering backdrop of the upcoming Holiday Season — to reward your important clients, sales team, employees, etc. and motivate them to be even more productive in 2014! 

Venice à la Carte’s Menu for an Outstanding Day in Venice !

Arrival at Venice’s Marco Polo Airport

Direct transfer to the sporting club in Venice


Instructions and embarkation on dragon boats

Rowing on the Grand Canal to discover its jeweled palaces

Brief stop along a small canal for some vin brûlé

Arrival in the bassin of St. Mark’s with its breathtaking views

Disembarkation and walk through extraordinary St. Mark’s Square

Typical Italian lunch

Pedestrian rally in the unknown Venice

Glass of prosecco in outdoor cafés near Rialto Bridge

Free time for Christmas shopping

Christmas concert in a small, frescoed church

Buffet dinner in a historical venue with entertainment

Transfer back to the Venice airport

   Contact us today !




Canaletto’s masterpiece “Entrance to the Grand Canal and the Basilica of the Salute” will be displayed in Venice, in the medieval Abbey of San Gregorio, adjacent to the Salute church, from November 10th until December 27th.  The painting is on loan from its private owner, who bought it from Sotheby’s in London in 1970.

This famous Venetian artist,  a master  of landscape painting,  was able to encompass,  in a single view, that which the eye cannot perceive.  This work therefore represents the apex of his magical ability.

Visitors  will begin their visit – or rendez-vous with Canaletto –   by crossing the threshold of this magnificent and austere medieval abbey, immerged in the same silence as were the generations of Benedictine monks who prayed here for over seven centuries.  The visit will culminate  by their  entering the splendid corner room, with its unique views of the Basilica della Salute, the Grand Canal and the Bassin of St. Mark’s, where Canaletto’s masterpiece will be on display and where he actually conceived and painted his work of art.    Open to the public  for  the first time in many years, this room – which is in a simply unparalleled location –  will offer visitors the opportunity to compare the painting’s panorama with the very same views one sees today.  Time seems to have stopped, and very little has changed  in over 270 years!   That is the magic of Venice!

 This private exhibition, organized by the Buzziol family, owners of the Abbye, is unique  in that it will be open 24 hours a day.  A video by Francesco Patierno, famous Italian director and scriptwriter, will introduce the artist and his painting.   Visits are private and must be reserved on line.  A maximum of eight visitors will be admitted each hour.  The rate for a group of 8 persons during the night, is € 400,00 for one hour and € 280,00 during the day. 

This promises to be a truly intimate and emotional experience!

For reservations:   www.canalettovenezia.it

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